SANU Issue 1

SANU Issue 1
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Previsously (Issue 0)

Bagonza Michael aka Bobo, a young man at university was unwilling to take up his responsibility as the next 'keeper' of 'Sanu' - an ancient power that his family protected since time memorial. But when his aunt(former keeper) is murdered by a burglar before his eyes, Bagonza must embrace his destiny and avenge her death: confronting Atai Monica in the process, a lady who worked for the deceased. There is a kink though, the murderer (burglar) and the nearly stolen power are namesakes! A coincidence or a conundrum?

Issue 1

From the dawn of man an ancient power Sanu kept the underworld at bay and the realm of earth safe. But Sanu has been weakened, the dark realm surfaces and the only hope is a new worthy host to restore order. What/who will it be?

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